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New Vision University has undoubtedly become one of the leading universities in Georgia, mainly because they are aiming at revolutionising the way Medicine and Dentistry are taught. With over 4,000 students currently, the University has managed in a short period of time to gain popularity and attract students from over 80 countries Three current students share their stories of what makes NVU such a unique learning experience below.

Zainab, First-year medical student, New Vision University

Hear From Zainab, First-year medical student, New Vision University.

Zainab, First-year medical student, New Vision University

How was your support from SME when you decided to transfer universities?

Transferring from one Medical University to another can be very challenging, but SME made everything smooth for Zainab. She says, ‘’As soon as I contacted SME regarding wanting to transfer universities, they started the process the same day…. SME kept me informed about my application process throughout and the recruiter also made sure to check up on how I was feeling regarding the transfer.”

How would you describe your new life abroad in Georgia?

Living abroad in Tbilisi is comfortable and safe as well as affordable says Zainab. She comments ‘’The Georgian people are very friendly and always ready to help.’’

What has been your experience with the teachers in your medical programme?

Zainab explains that the medical programme is quite challenging. She says, “The course is demanding and requires a lot of hours of work put in, especially with the two sets of midterms which happen in week 5 and week 10 before the final.’’

Would you recommend studying medicine abroad?

Embarking on journey to study medicine was a big decision for Zainab, but a very rewarding one, too. She explains, ‘’Being abroad is not as daunting as it seems and will actually be one of the most exciting and valuable experiences of your life.’’

Parwina, First-year medical student, New Vision University

What was your experience when engaging with the SME team?

Parwina describes her experience with SME as “Amazing.” She says, ‘’They have been extremely helpful with the relocating process.’’

How is living in Tbilisi, Georgia and have you adjusted?

Adjusting to living in Georgia has been very easy for Parwina. She sxplains, ‘’There are many shops restaurants and fun places. We have a variety of Halal restaurants and meat shops.’’

Did you feel safe in Georgia during the pandemic and how did SME assist?

Parwina told us how everyone embraced the safety measures during the pandemic, and how they followed the rules of wearing a mask everywhere. Regarding the way SME assisted students to stay safe and follow their programme undistracted she says, ‘’SME made it true to give me up to date latest requirements for travel and current vaccinations.’’

What advice would you give anyone wanting to study medicine abroad?

Parwina is already living her dream of studying medicine. When asked to advise potential students she says, ‘’For those of you who are contemplating whether to study medicine abroad of not, stop wasting time because you will not regret it.’’

Marc, First-year medical student, New Vision University

What stands out for you when applying with Study Medicine Europe?

Marc found that the process with the team at SME was very smooth. He says, ‘’SME has been good with resolving issues with admission process and dealing with problems as they arose.’’

What do you enjoy about studying at NVU?

Marc is very happy with studying at NVU. He says, ‘’The best part of the experience was probably the very laid-back and professional attitude of the people who run the school. They’re focused on making sure that we succeed and stay away from distractions.’’

How is the ongoing support from SME since moving to Georgia?

The SME local team really made an impact on Marc and his relocation to Georgia. He says, ‘’SME was also very helpful from the start to get you set up and started in Tbilisi and without them it would have been confusing and difficult. They do a good job of following you and making sure everything was ok, so you continue your studies and become a successful doctor.’’

How has SME made it easier for you to study medicine?

Studying medicine in Europe was a dream come true for Marc. Going back to the first days of his journey he remembers, ‘’My dream has always been to study medicine, so after doing a bit of research online I found SME and decided to bite the bullet and go for it!’’
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