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Students studying medicine and dentistry programmes in Bulgarian medical universities can work towards applying for and qualifying for academic scholarships.

What Benefit are Scholarships for Medicine and Dentistry Students in Bulgaria

Not only do these scholarship opportunities give students recognition of academic performance but also they can provide financial support.

Available Scholarships in Bulgaria

Altogether these scholarships may be available, depending on the Bulgarian medical university, for medicine and dentistry programmes.

Opportunities for scholarships and financial aid for EU and non-EU students are listed below:

  1. Student loans to EU nationals provided by the Bulgarian Government for undergraduate and postgraduate studies.
  2. EU citizens are eligible for state scholarships or bursaries providing up to a 70% tuition waiver plus a monthly stipend beginning from the second semester. For more information:
  3. The Fulbright Graduate Grants are offered to American citizens as a form of a very competitive financial aid. More information at: Furthermore, American applicants are eligible for Federal Loans. More information at the US Department of Education:, at Sallie Mae:, and at the Student Loan Network webpage:
  4. Financial aid to Canadian nationals is provided in the form of National and/or Provincial Student Loans through the Province they permanently reside, via the National Student Loan Service Centre (NSLSC):
  5. Student loans to Indian nationals are provided by the Indian Government for undergraduate and postgraduate studies abroad, through their local authorities.
  6. Western Balkans citizens are welcome to apply for an Erasmus Mundus/BASELEUS Project scholarship carrying a full tuition waiver and a monthly stipend. More information at:
  7. Students from Turkey can receive financial aid within the Erasmus Student Exchange Program.
  8. Financial aid for Chinese students is available as part of the bilateral Chinese-Bulgarian Cultural Agreement. Please contact the Chinese Ministry of Education for more information.
  9. Students from Russia (Financial aid for Russian students is available within the bilateral Russian-Bulgarian Cultural Agreement. Please contact the Russian Ministry of Education for more information), Ukraine, Belarus, and the other CIS countries, Indian Sub-Continent, Latin America, and the Middle East receive financial aid in the form of inexpensive dormitory accommodation (about 40 Euros per month including most of the utilities) plus a discount on public transportation and University cafeterias or affiliated restaurants. The same type of financial aid is available for citizens of the EU, American citizens, Canadian citizens, Western Balkans citizens, students from Turkey, and Chinese nationals.
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