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Romania is considered a safe and stable country with highly-developed infrastructure for citizens, residents, and international students and visitors.

How Safe are International Students that Study Medicine in Romania

Romania is one of the safest countries in Europe with negligible crime rates mostly for petty crime. During the past decade, the local government has introduced a number of measures to curb criminal activity to nearly nil, with strict policing and patrol designated for every two-block radius. To date, there have been absolutely no reports from students of any unpleasant incident.

Are the Universities in Romania Safe for On-Campus Medicine Programme Study

Additionally, University campuses have their own community police officers on site providing safety patrol 24-hours a day and can offer advice to students on safety and security issues. All university grounds are well lit during night and CCTV cameras aid in ensuring safety at all times.

How should Students keep safe in Romania during their Medicine Study Programme Study

Students are reminded that keeping safe requires ongoing personal actions around responsible decisionmaking and minimising unnecessary risks. Altogether Romania is a very safe country though students should keep their belongings secure, prioritise their wellbeing with respect to others, and choose reliable transport.
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