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Caucasus International University in Tbilisi, Georgia is one the most highly-regarded medical schools in Europe. Offering both medical and dentistry programmes, the university attracts students and faculty from all over the world. Learn about student life in these programmes with testimonials reviews from the students who share their stories in the videos below.

Watch the full video below and read on for profiles from three current students at CIU in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Hear Medicine Students’ Stories About Study & Life at CIU Georgia

Naomi, First-year medical student, Caucasus International University.

How has your experience with SME been?

Naomi has had a great experience with SME, she says “My experience with SME has been quite an amazing one

What attracted you to Study Medicine in Georgia?

The fast difference in tuition fees was what caught Naomi’s eye about SME, she states “The fact that they had affordable tuition fees compared to the London universities

What was the Application like?

The SME application is a smooth and fast process when all documentation is correct, Naomi recalls “I proceeded to then send over my educational documents to SME who the translate and legalised my documents and within a couple of weeks I received my results and my acceptance to the University”

What is Tbilisi, Georgia like to live in?

Naomi has taken to Tbilisi quickly and has a great appreciation for it, she says “Tbilisi is actually a gem of Europe. It is an amazing city that people don’t actually know about, it has some interesting sites to go view, The Freedom Bridge. It has some incredible incredible food which I absolutely love and on top of that very affordable accommodation


Tawaf, First-year medical student, Caucasus International University.

How did you find out about Studying Medicine in Georgia?

Tawaf found out about SME through his sisters, he recalls “My sister recommended SME to me….she was on the internet looking around and she came across it”

What was the SME open day like?

SME holds open days, so keep an eye out for the open day closest to you. Tawaf attended the London open day and said “We attended an open day to gain more information about it(SME) in London… it was rather motivating

How have you found studying medicine in Caucasus Georgia? (or the relevant university name)

Tawaf has taken to the medical course quickly and is enjoying every minute of it, he states “The medical course here in this university is actually rather straightforward and also intriguing at the same time

Leem, First-year medical student, Caucasus International University.

What was the relocation support for moving to study abroad in Europe like?

SME provide students with all the information they will be prior to leaving their home, Leem recalls “Before the relocation, I received an email which included all of the critical information that I needed about

How did SME help you with moving from your home to your new city?

Leem thinks back to her first few days in Tbilisi fondly, she states “On arrival, we met our very friendly country manager who then guided us to our coach which took us to our hotel where we had our briefing which explained everything that would be happening that week. On our first day in Georgia, we went to collect our SIM cards from the local mobile service provider”

What was the relocation support for moving to study abroad in Europe like?

SME provided students with opportunities to network and get a good understanding of the university before they commence studying, Leem reiterates this by stating “SME organised a networking event, we were greeted by the Director and Dean of the university.

What would you say to someone considering studying medicine in Europe?

Leem signs off by giving some advice to prospective students of SME “Instead of staying back home and applying over and over, save your time and save your effort. Come study internationally.

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