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Georgia’s geographic location, bridging several economic regions, provides it with a unique competitive advantage as the transit country. Situated at the crossroads between Europe and Central Asia, it functions as the natural transport corridor between the West and the East.

The Black Sea ports of Georgia, well-developed railway systems together with airports, buses, taxis, serve as the infrastructure linking the largest markets and regions.

There are four airports in Georgia and three biggest are: Shota Rustaveli Tbilisi International Airport, Aleksandre Kartveli Batumi International Airport and David the Builder Kutaisi International Airport.

The only subway in the country is situated in the capital of Tbilisi. Underground, called the Metro for “Metropolitan”. It has two lines with 23 stations.

  1. Runs from North to South – red line;
  2. Runs East to West – green line;

The major transport artery of Georgia is East-West Highway which is the main route from east to west Georgia and directs motorists from neighbouring Azerbaijan, Russia, Turkey and Armenia. Major highways are: E60 – E70 (Tbilisi – Turkey), E117 (Tbilisi – Russia), E001 (Tbilisi – Armenia), E60 (Tbilisi – Azerbaijan).

There are four functioning seaports – Batumi, Poti, Kulevi, and Supsa – in Georgia and one, that of Anaklia, is under construction.

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