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Once students have received an acceptance letter from their Romanian medicine, dentistry, or veterinary medicine programme, they will be organising their accommodation. Overall Romanian medical universities have extensive and convenient options for students while they’re studying. Students will enjoy modern accommodations that support a pleasant lifestyle and ease to focus on their medical programme.

What On-Campus Accommodation Options are there for Students that Study Medicine in Romania

All Romanian Medical Universities offer on-campus accommodation at University Hostels for £37 per month. Nevertheless, some university on-campus accommodation only offers a very limited number of rooms. In fact, the majority of these are reserved for Romanian students to whom they give priority. Therefore international students may prefer and opt for private accommodation.

Study Medicine in Romania and Live in Private Accommodation

Foreign students usually stay in private accommodation which is still very cheap, nonetheless, (£219277 monthly). Specifically, private accommodation may be in apartments in the capital city of Bucharest. Comparatively in smaller student cities such as Cluj-Napoca, options may include houses which are affordable and comfortable.

Legal Accommodation Paperwork Requirements for Medicine Students in Romania

Note that all students must sign a contract with the landlord as it will be submitted to the local Migration authorities as proof of residence for the issuance of the Residence Permit.
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