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Georgia is a country of remarkable history and culture. This makes it a highly appealing location for medical university students.

What is Life in the Country of Georgia Like for the Medicine Programme Study

Situated at the strategically important crossroads where Europe meets Asia. Historically the Arabs, Russians and Ottomans have all passed through this trading route, so called Silk Road and have left their mark and influence throughout the years.

Georgia has a unique and ancient cultural heritage, and is famed for its traditions of hospitality and cuisine. A guest in a Georgian house has the status of near royalty. Food and drink are offered upwards of every few minutes.

What Activities in Georgia are Available for Students Outside their Medicine Study Commitments

Georgia offers students various entertainment activities: museums and theatres, amusement parks, three main winter resorts: Bakuriani, Gudauri and Mestia – include 40 ski runs with a total length of 81 km. Also students can spend their leisure time by visiting the wide variety of restaurants, modern Café-Bars and night clubs.

Georgia recently made world headlines with the startling discovery of the 1.8 million year old Dmanisi hominoids in the hills just south of Tbilisi. Providing the missing link in human evolution between Africa and Europe, it enables Georgians to claim the first outbound tourists from Europe. Students can visit the site where they were found and are exhibited and enjoyable.

What are the Cultural Attractions for Medicine Students in Georgia

Georgian Architecture in general is a fantastic landscape of watchtowers, hand carved balconies, and richly frescoed churches. Combined with a Mediterranean climate and a legendary hospitality, the buildings which seem torn straight from the fairy tales makes Georgia one of the unacknowledged marvels of the world. Indeed it can be regarded as the ultimate expression of the national heritage and affinity, affection and skill with stone.

What is the food of Georgia like for Medicine Study Students

Students are extremely happy with Georgian cuisine. Most of the food is organic, and the ingredients from incredibly varied cuisine profit from the mild climate that provides fresh vegetables for three quarters of the year – and according to student Georgia has the best Tomato’s they have ever tasted. Numerous aromatic wild mountain herbs give Georgian dishes an uncommonly exotic aroma. Rich in walnuts, pomegranate, vegetable pates, organic fresh meats, wild herbs and love of garlic, our cuisine provides a superb accompaniment to the endless supply of wine.

Students always mention that the food is not only wonderful but it’s cheap too. You can easily eat a world-class meal, with wine, for less than the cost of a paperback book.

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