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Serbia has a well-known history of high-quality medical education dedicated to the advancement of students with a strong emphasis placed on medical research. It is no wonder that hundreds of graduates of Serbian medical universities are leaders in their respective fields and their community. Serbian medical degrees are revered and recognised across the globe due to its deeply rooted reputation in the medical community. The high standing that Serbian Institutions have along with the low cost of living in Serbia make Serbia a perfect destination for prospective international students of medicine. Hosting such well established Medical Universities means there are fantastic courses available in both English and Serbian in both Medicine and Dentistry.

There is an even wider range of courses in Serbian such as Social Healthcare, Palliative care, Rehabilitation, Pharmacy, etc. There are also courses designed for specific vocations such as Assistant-pharmacist, Dental Technician, Physiotherapist, etc. Serbian Medical University’s Study in English programs are described as follows:

Medicine is a 6-year program taught entirely in English, it follows an integrated academic studies program at the end of which each student is awarded a Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree. Afterwards, graduates will undergo residency where their specialisation is picked and each graduate is trained for 4 to 7 years depending on speciality. The degree obtained grants each graduate the ability to practice medicine in any EU or non-EU country around the globe. English-taught Medical Courses are composed of 12 semesters. The program consists of 3 years of pre-clinical study and 3 years of clinical studies. In those first 3 years of pre-clinical study, each student will be focusing on fundamental Medical sciences to build a strong foundation that will be applied in the 3 years of clinical study, allowing students to make the most of their time spent in clinical environments. The assessment of the knowledge and experience gained by each student is assessed at the end of each course through both written and practical examinations with graduation requiring either a written thesis or the option of publishing your own scientific paper and research. After graduation, each student must continue with their training via their chosen residency programs in whichever country they choose to work in. If a student wishes to complete their residency in Serbia they must undertake an internship during which they will be self-funded.

Dentistry in Serbia is a 5-year program, taught exclusively in English following the integrated studies structure which upon completion will grant each graduate with the title and degree of Doctor of Dentistry (DMD). If a student wishes to, they may choose to specialize for 3-4 years, whether in Bulgaria or abroad. The curriculum spans 5 years (10 semesters) and will include 2 practical training sessions that last 30 days each in your last two years of study. Theoretical training is held through mandatory courses and electives in the form of lectures, seminars, practical exercise and self-training. In general tuition fees for EU and non-EU students of English-taught programs offered by Medical Universities in Serbia range between 25007000 annually. More specifically, studies in Medicine cost around 6000 per year with dentistry costing approximately the same at around 5500 per year. If English is not a candidate’s native language, they will either have to submit an internationally recognised certificate of proficiency in English, take an English proficiency exam or go through a preparatory course to learn English. Postgraduate programs (specializations and doctoral degrees) are only offered in Serbian and cost 4000 annually for foreign nationals whereas Serbian citizens will pay 1500 annually after submitting all necessary application documents and qualifications. Serbian Medical Universities and their programs that offer English taught courses are the following:

University of Belgrade
Programme Subject Duration (Years) Enrollment Tuition Fees Per Year ()
Medicine Histology and Embryology 6 October 6000
Dentistry Human Genetics 5 October 5000
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