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The cost of living in Romania is one of the lowest not only in Europe, but also worldwide, especially in view of the quality of life and services. Living costs are about one third or in some cases one quarter of what they are in a western European member state. Whether it concerns accommodation, tuition fees, books, food or beverages, nightlife, utility bills or gas and car rental fees or public transportation, among other services frequently used by students, Romania has it all at a fraction of the cost one would pay elsewhere. This is why Romanian Universities are so high on any student’s list wishing to pursue medical studies abroad. However, it is the combination of all the above with the high quality of graduate studies that attracts numerous international students. Students usually need not spend more than 475-533 Pounds per month to enjoy private accommodation, food, pay their utility bills, transportation and other miscellaneous expenses. Many students also try to reduce their monthly expenses by sharing a flat, buying second hand books, etc. Prices may be significantly lower in smaller towns. The following table is indicative of the average budget of a student in Romania:
Living Costs Monthly () Annually ()
Rent (private accommodation) 219277 2,6283,504
Food 183 1,825
Books 292
Electricity & Gas 37 355
Water 7 73
TV Cable / Internet 15 175
Public Transportation 15 146
Total 475533 5,5046,380
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