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Why Study Dentistry in Georgia at internationally-accredited dental universities (UK On-Campus options)?


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Why Choose to Study Dentistry at Accredited Georgian Universities?
+What is the 5-Year Undergraduate Dentistry Course?
  • New Vision University (NVU) offers the 5-Year Undergraduate Dentistry Programme that is taught fully in English and is five years of tertiary study.
  • The NVU programme is designed in line with international pedagogy for dentistry and students gain comprehensive training in all dentistry pre- and post-clinical procedures.
  • The course is structured into pre-clinical theoretical modules over two years to build fundamental knowledge then the final three years comprise modules of clinical study with training in dental clinics and surgeries.
  • The renowned New Vision University School of Dentistry is where students gain the majority of their practical experience ahead of graduation.
  • NVU graduates from the dentistry programmes are qualified with a globally-recognised dental degree and are fully-accredited.
  • NVU alumni work throughout Europe including Georgia as well as in the USA, Canada, Australia and other regions.
  • The Caucasus International University (CIU) 5-Year Undergraduate Dentistry Programme has all modules structured in line with the EU’s pedagogical standards.
  • The five-year programme is taught entirely in English in Tbilisi with clinical studies undertaken at dentistry clinicals and surgery facilities.
  • Obtaining quality knowledge in the dentistry field is a guiding philosophy of the faculty with education, science and clinical practice taught with a culture of patient-oriented, positive competition ensuring skill development
  • The programme is structured into pre-clinical and clinical modules to build foundational theoretical knowledge that prepares students for professional training.
  • In the first two years students learn dentistry fundamentals, then in years three to five they train in clinical settings, have internships and sit state exams.
  • Due to the university’s focus on global careers, CIU alumni have an edge as the entire programme is devised around contemporary dentistry and international standards making graduates very desirable in the industry.
+What is the 4-Year with BSc Degree Graduate Dentistry Course?
  • The NVU 4-Year Graduate Dentistry Programme is open to candidates qualified with a science-related Bachelor’s (BSc) degree, such as Biomedical Science.
  • The NVU course begins in Year Two of the undergraduate programme and is an accelerated pathway for dentistry candidates taught entirely in English.
  • NVU reviews analytical academic transcripts as part of the application process and, if the applicant is successful, there are no entry exams.
  • Dentistry is an in-demand global qualification and NVU graduate programme students are positioned to accelerate their career with a highly-regarded degree.
  • The programme consists of preclinical theoretical modules for one year then three years of clinical study and rotations in Georgian facilities as well as at the famous NVU School of Dentistry.
  • The Study Medicine Europe (SME) has a Transcript Evaluation Team that is authorised to evaluate and assess graduate programme applications (inclusive of Bachelor’s academic transcripts); see the Graduate Entry Assessment Process tab for all information.
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  • The 4-Year Graduate Entry Dentistry Programme at CIU is open to applicants with a science-related Bachelor’s Degree (BSc) in a field such as Biomedical Science.
  • While there are no entry exams for accepted candidates, applicants must provide analytical academic transcripts with their paperwork.
  • The CIU qualification is an international Doctor of Dentistry degree with full accreditation achieved in four years rather than five.
  • Students gain knowledge of pre-clinical dentistry fundamentals in Year One of the programme, with studies commencing in the second year of the CIU undergraduate dentistry programme.
  • For Year Two to Four, the course comprises professional clinical training at Georgian facilities and clinics in dentistry procedures and surgeries, as well as an internship and state exams.
  • Students graduate with comprehensive foundational knowledge and experience in clinical settings in Georgia including hospitals, clinics and surgical facilities.
  • CIU operates a range of exchange programs and international partnerships so graduates are part of a strong alumni network with former students currently practising in the UK and Australia.
  • The Study Medicine Europe (SME) Transcript Evaluation Team has authorisation to assess graduate programme applications and evaluate documents (such as Bachelor’s studies transcripts); see details at the Graduate Entry Assessment Process tab below.
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+What are the On-Campus Study Options in Derby, UK?
  • Undergraduate and graduate dentistry students enrolled NVU Georgia will soon have the option to study pre-clinical dentistry modules on-campus in the UK.
  • The university is establishing pre-clinical dentistry facilities and has purchased a 44,000 sq. ft. building in Derby, UK to convert to a dentistry campus.
  • Dentistry students will begin to study on-campus in Derby in late 2021.
  • NVU Dentistry Programmes offered at the UK Campus are:
    ○ 5-Year Undergraduate Dentistry – two years of pre-clinical modules
    ○ 4-Year Graduate Dentistry – one year of pre-clinical modules
  • Pre-clinical Dentistry Modules will be studied in world-class settings at the NVU UK campus with scientific and research laboratories, dentistry equipment, as well as learning spaces for seminars and digital studies.
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+What Universities Offer Dentistry in Georgia?
  • New Vision University (NVU) is located in the heart of Georgia’s capital city, Tbilisi.
  • The university aims to foster an open and collaborative environment that encourages student engagement.
  • NVU is committed to delivering excellence in education and offers one of the most innovative dental programmes in Georgia.
  • The university offers a 5-year dentistry programme which is fully taught through English.
  • NVU offers the accelerated 4-Year Graduate Entry pathway available to candidates who already hold a science-related BSc degree such as Biomedical Science. This allows students to enter in the second year of the five-year course without taking entrance exams.
  • NVU has some funding options in the form of Student Loans and Scholarships.
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  • Founded in 2004, Caucasus International University has become one of the leading dentistry schools in Europe.
  • With this university, you are guaranteed world-renowned professors and there are an ever-increasing number of students attending the university every year.
  • The dentistry programme is updated regularly to ensure it is line with European requirements.
  • The university has top of the range laboratories to ensure students have access to everything they need to learn about dentistry for the duration of the programme.
  • They are also partnered with universities throughout the world including Georgia State University in the U.S and the French business school Grenoble.
  • Get more information on studying dentistry in this Georgian medical university now.
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+What are the Undergraduate Entry Requirements?
  • Georgian universities draw international students for their medicine and dentistry programmes from all over the world.
  • Students from any country can apply for these programmes taught entirely in English
  • Candidates are not required to sit entrance exams and must complete application documents for the following:
    1. An application which includes the following details: bio, education history and course for which you are applying.
    2. A copy of your secondary education results with subjects studied.
    3. Documents from your home country confirming that you are authorised to study overseas
    4. Two small photos of 4-5cm.
+What are the Graduate Entry Requirements?
  • Graduate Entry Programmes are available to graduates with a Bachelor’s qualification.
  • Successful Graduate Entry applicants do not sit for entrance exams.
  • For applications, candidates must submit academic transcripts of their Bachelor’s Qualification (or related) in addition to the application documents.
  • For students who Study Graduate Entry dentistry abroad in Europe there are many opportunities for career acceleration with an internationally recognised degree.
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+What is the Graduate Entry Assessment Process?

SME facilitates the application and entry to Graduate Dentistry Programmes in Georgia for graduates with a Bachelor’s Degree in a science-related field with no entrance exams for successful applicants.

  • SME Assesses applications to the Graduate Programme with the following steps:.
    1. Completion of the due diligence process on behalf of the medical university
    2. Comparison of the transcripts of the students from their past studies with the study programme of the medical university
    3. Submission of the comparison for approval to both the respective ministry of education and the medical university itself.
  • SME exclusively offers the 4-Year Graduate Entry Medicine Programme on behalf of our European partner universities for students who meet the entry requirements.
+Dental Council Requirements for Recognising Dentistry Degrees
  • Prior to application for the Overseas Registration Exam, international dental graduates must submit a record of their clinical experience and dental degree.
  • The General Dental Council (GDC) in the UK specifies a minimum of 1600 hours of clinical experience which:
    ○ Comprise hours spent completing appropriate investigations and/or administering dental treatment
    ○ Do not comprise time spent observing dentists or assisting other dentists/dental students
  • The 1600 hours of clinical experience can be:
    ○ From during the dental degree,
    ○ During post-qualification experience, or,
    ○ A combination of degree and post-qualification experience
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+Is Online Study Offered?
  • Online studies (distance learning studies), are not currently recognised by any of the world’s Dental Councils.
  • Online study is not offered as a study option.
  • When dentistry graduates apply for registration, all Dental Councils assess the evidence of studies, including online study:
    • Students are advised to have a formal explanation prepared, on request, including evidence and exception documentation for online studies completed during Covid-19.
+Why Study Dentistry in Georgia?
  • Georgian universities are exceptionally regarded for their dental schools.
  • Students studying in Georgia can enjoy a more affordable lifestyle which enables them to focus on their dentistry training and career goals.
  • Georgia has a strong history of academia, research and clinical training with all qualifications internationally-recognised and graduates fully accredited.
  • Students can work with SME’s partner universities in Georgia for funding options such as Student Loans and Scholarships.
  • Both undergraduate and graduate applicants can pursue a range of programme options that suit their prior studies and qualifications.
  • Georgia is regarded as a safe and welcoming country with the capital of Tbilisi a cosmopolitan city that’s well connected to local regions as well as Europe and Asia.
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