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When students live in Serbia for medical programmes, they will enjoy an emerging powerhouse country that is comfortable, fascinating, and rich in culture and lifestyle benefits. Since its establishment as a country and now as an education hub, Serbia has offered all residents a high-quality lifestyle with distinctive opportunities unique to the region while having a European outlook. Students benefit from this cosmopolitan offering without having economic pressures and life is easygoing.

Life in Serbia Overview for Medicine Study

The cost of living in Serbia remains comparatively low when considering the cost of living in central and western European countries. Available accommodation has a wide range of choices, depending on your needs. The extensive public transport services offer an easy and low-cost method of getting around town, you would be hard-pressed to spend a fortune on food and leisure. The cost of living isn’t just low compared to most of western and central Europe, but remains competitive with most of the world, especially considering that not only is there a presence of European culture and influence but Serbia has its own unique culture and deep-rooted history, making it a destination that is not the be missed. The combination of this and the highly regarded education found in Serbia is the reason for the influx of hundreds of students from all over the world.

Living Costs to Study Medicine in Serbia

The cost of living can vary, depending on the city and location within said city, that being said accommodation is still comparatively inexpensive and it is very easy to find something to suit all of your needs. Students will never feel that they are living beyond their means given the big difference in cost between a Western European country and Serbia. On average a student would need approx. €500 to include rent, utilities, food and other such costs. This with a reasonably priced medical tuition makes Serbia one of the best possible options for studying medicine.

The table below illustrates some sample prices for living in Serbia:

Rent (private accommodation) 150250 18003000
Food 200 2400
Books 250
Electricity & Heating 68 810
Water 5 60
TV Cable / Internet 25 300
Public Transportation 25 300
Total 473570 59207120
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