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Life for students in Armenia is enjoyable and peaceful, and all key amenities are highly accessible. Despite these benefits, life is affordable and of an international standard.

Life in Armenia Overview for Medicine Study

Armenia has one of the lowest living costs in Europe. Goods and services in Armenia are a quarter of those in Western European countries which makes students feel comfortable after their arrival as well as it makes affordable many leisure activities popular among students.

Students living in Armenia can enjoy Yerevan, the capital, that is a cosmopolitan hub of restaurants, culture, and stunning architecture. Both Yerevan and the country’s smaller cities are considered some of greater European region’s best-kept secrets for modern and historic experiences. What’s more, Armenia is beloved for its extraordinary natural beauty and constantly expanding hiking trails. Its location between Georgia and Turkey makes it a European and Central Asian hub for international overland travel.

Living Costs to Study Medicine in Armenia

On average 320370 is enough for a student to cover expenses of private accommodation, utility bills, and food books and still have some pocket money for nightlife, and various events.

Below you can see the table indicating the average budget of a student in Armenia:

Living Costs Monthly (£) Annually (£)
Rent (Private Accommodation near the University) 100180 1,0001,800
Food 149 1,680
Electricity & Gas 25 300
Water 5 60
TV Cable 8 96
Public Transportation 10 120
Total 288368 1,0001,800
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