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One of the most important non-negotiable areas for candidates that study medicine in Armenia (and Europe) is visas. These are legal obligations and supporting students for this during the application process is a key Study Medicine Europe service.

What are the Visa Requirements for Candidates that Plan to Study Medicine in Armenia

EU and non-EU citizens from countries that have signed bilateral treaties and agreements with Armenia concerning Visa-free entry do not require Visa clearance to enter the country. The full list of countries can be find here.

Holders of all other national passports and travel documents are required to get an entry visa for Armenia. Here is the list of countries, which citizens can get visa upon arrival.

The Visa Process for Students when they Study Medicine in Armenia

For all other citizens the procedure is the following. Once you get your acceptance letter from the University, the particular institution will apply to the consular section of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) for entry permission for you. After getting the entry permission from the MFA, students must apply for a visa in the Armenian embassy nearest to them. The Embassy issues a single entry visa for which the student has to pay the charges in the embassy itself. Once a student is in Armenia, he/she gets a resident card.

Following documents are required to submit to Armenian Embassy/consular department.

  1. Visa application form: It must be completely filled and signed;
  2. A valid travel document: Passport;
  3. 3 passport sized photos;
  4. Invitation (if required);
  5. Cover letter: It should include the purpose and duration of stay in Armenia;
  6. Admission letter from the Armenian educational institution;
  7. Educational credentials: Certificates, degrees and mark sheets; secondary education graduation certificate or university certificates;
  8. Evidence of financial means;
  9. Evidence of a valid health insurance.
**All the documents mentioned above must be translated in English Language and Apostilised.

The visa fee varies. To know about the visa fee, visit the official website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Armenia.

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