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Prospective students willing to apply to Georgian medical universities should submit the following documents.

What Language do Documents for Applications to Study Medicine and Dentistry in Georgia Need to be in

All documents need to be translated into Georgian and comply with office state directives. Whenever a document is not in English and/or is not accompanied by an English language translation, it should be translated either into English, French, or German and be notarised.

What Documents do Students Submit to Apply to Study Medicine and Dentistry in Georgia

Applicants who wish to join medical programme at Georgian medical universities are required to provide the following information:

  1. All applications are required to include the following: a brief bio, educational background, and the course they wish to study;
  2. A copy of results from applicants secondary education as well as information about the disciplines studied;
  3. Documentation from candidate’s home country high school confirming their right to continue study in a higher school or university;
  4. A health certificate obtained within the previous month confirmed by the country in which you intend to study;
  5. Two passport-sized photos;
  6. All documents need to be translated into Georgian and comply with office state directives.

How do Students Transfer to Study Medicine and Dentistry in Georgia

For transfers:
  • A copy of a document verifying citizenship (Passport);
  • A copy of document verifying credits gained at foreign educational institution and list of all studied programs including number of lectures, practical trainings and seminars attended with obtained ECTS credits;
  • A document showing a student’s residence in a specific country (the duration and dates of the residence must coincide with the duration and dates of studying);
  • A filled-in application form;
  • A receipt confirming payment of fees.

All documents in languages other than Georgian need to be translated into Georgian to satisfy state directives.

How do Students Prepare for Submitting their Applications for Medical Study Programme in Georgia

Students need to be prepared for having all documents for applications in order and submitted within deadlines to Georgian universities. Since this is a high-level process, it is worthwhile for applying candidates to ensure they have a clear understanding of the documents, translations, and notarisation. Accordingly, this is where professional services such as official information packs and application advice may be beneficial.
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