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Every year students take the opportunity to transfer to another Medical University because of various difficulties at their current medical school such as inability to follow the course, difficulty adjusting to the new academic environment or lack of financial resources.

Can International Students Apply to Transfer their Medicine Programme Study to Serbia

Students who have completed 1 year at any accredited and recognised Medical University are eligible to transfer to a medical school in Serbia. Students will be required to submit their official transcripts, containing the list of completed courses and their respective grades as well as the ECTS credits for each course, hours of study completed, and any other relevant information such as laboratories, seminars and clinical hours.

What are the Transfer Parameters after they Apply for Medicine Universities in Serbia

After gathering all of the necessary information, the committee of admissions will compare the scholastic records with the school’s academic program and determine the compatibility of the student’s courses with the current study program of the school and will decide which courses will be accepted and which year would be best for the applicant to enter. The curriculum of the prospective Medical University and the current curriculum are not always identical with regards to ECTS credits and hours spent for each course.

Why is it Beneficial to Transfer to a Medicine Study Programme in Serbia

In some cases, the applicant will be required to conduct an interview as well as having to take exams and/or attending extra classes for the courses they have passed to ensure the quality of education from your previous Medical University meets their standards. Students who decide to transfer to a Serbian Medical University will, in most cases, have the advantage of completing their medical and/or dental degree much sooner.

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