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What is Graduate Entry?

Graduate entry medicine programmes allow biomedical/life science graduates, healthcare professionals and BSc holders with similar academic qualifications to study via a fast-track or accelerated course in medicine or dentistry. The programme’s design enables a student to skip the first few years of a conventional medical or dental degree and thus achieve their qualification in fewer years, in comparison to the usual six years.

What is the Difference Between Graduate Entry & Postgraduate Entry?

However, it is very important not to get confused and definitely be aware that “Graduate Entry” is NOT “Postgraduate Medicine”. Postgraduate entry refers to medical specialisations (clinical residency) while “Graduate Entry” refers to the undergraduate study of medicine by using previous academic qualifications. The graduate entry in medicine course of a Ukrainian medical university allows a student entry into the second, third, or fourth year of medicine or dentistry depending on that student’s qualifications.

Graduates interested in applying for the aforementioned courses, along with the rest of the necessary documents, they should submit their degree and original transcript(s) of accomplished courses. The transcript(s) will be thoroughly examined by the Admission Board of the respective University, which determines the applicant’s suitability for entry.

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