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Why Study Medicine or Dentistry at Uzhhorod National University in Ukraine?


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  • Medicine : $3,800
  • Dentistry: $3,500

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Medicine: Up to the last 3 years

+ Why Choose Uzhhorod National University?
  • Uzhhorod National University (UzhNU) is a well-established heritage university in the Western city of Uzhhorod, Ukraine.
  • UzhNU is regarded as one of the leading, not-for-profit universities in Ukraine with a strong culture of academia for over six decades.
  • The university currently has approximately 13,000 students enrolled with a significant population of international students attending the university for its courses taught in English.
  • UzhNU is a comprehensive university with 20 faculties and over 3,000 academic and research staff.
  • Academic excellence is at the forefront of their ethos and the university motto is, “The more we know – the more we can”.
  • UzhNU is a hub for academic and research projects, attracting visiting and tenured professors with its international partnerships alongside numerous European scientific projects and involvement with Erasmus+.
+ What do the Medicine & Dentistry Programmes Involve?
  • The university offers a 6-Year Undergraduate Medicine Programme.
  • Graduates of the course are qualified with an internationally-recognised Medical Doctor (MD) degree.
  • The UzhNU programme is structured with a loop study system. Students study pre-clinical and clinical modules of four loops in total with each loop building on the previous theory studies to set and achieve complex learning objectives.
  • Students gain hands-on experience in real-world medical facilities to develop their clinical skills.
  • The UzhNU 5-Year Undergraduate Dentistry Programme is taught in English.
  • UzhNU’s programme is structured to develop a student’s understanding and skills for pre-clinical and post-clinical procedures in the dentistry field.
  • The course curriculum initially consists of two years of pre-clinical study for dentistry fundamentals, then for the final three years the curriculum shifts to focus on clinical training in a professional setting.
  • Graduates from UzhNU are employed throughout Ukraine or globally in countries including the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States of America, and Australia.
+Graduate Entry with BSc Degree Medicine Programme
  • UzhNU offers the 3-Year or 4-Year Graduate Entry Medicine Programme to graduates who hold a science-related Bachelor’s Degree (BSc).
  • The programme offers students accelerated studies commencing in the third or fourth year of the UzhNU six-year medicine course.
  • To apply, students submit analytical transcripts of their prior completed studies as well as standard admission documents and there are no entrance exams.
  • This accelerated study option is suitable for students with high level professional goals and a medical career.
  • The course comprises intensive practical studies involving clinical rotations in hospitals and medical clinics.
  • At UzhNU, the graduate programme will be of benefit for students whose goal it is to accelerate their education and their career.
  • The Study Medicine Europe (SME) Transcript Evaluation Team is authorised to assess applications to the graduate programme involving the evaluation of submitted documentation (Bachelor’s Degree paperwork and academic transcripts); the Graduate Entry Assessment Process tab outlines all key information.
+Graduate Entry with BSc Degree Dentistry Programme
  • UzhNU offers a 3-Year or 4-Year Graduate Entry Dentistry Programme for students who have already completed a Bachelor’s (BSc) degree.
  • Students enter the graduate programme in the second or third year of the 5-Year Dentistry Programme without taking entrance exams.
  • Applications require eligible candidates to provide the analytical transcripts of their previously completed courses as well as the required admission documents.
  • Students develop professional dentistry skills over the three years of clinical modules studied in Ukrainian dentistry clinics and hospitals.
  • Graduate entry is a fantastic professional opportunity for graduates who have career goals in dentistry to accelerate their qualification and save course costs.
  • The Transcript Evaluation Team at Study Medicine Europe (SME) is authorised to assess applications for the graduate programme and evaluate supporting documentation such as academic transcripts and Bachelor’s Degree paperwork; refer to the Graduate Entry Assessment Process tab for relevant information.
+ What do the SME Clinical Rotations in the UK, Ireland, Canada, USA & Australia Involve?
  • SME provides students international clinical rotations matching with students able to undertake up to three years of clinical training in international hospitals and facilities.
  • Students who successfully apply to SME are matched to medical facilities in Canada, USA, Australia, Ireland, and the UK with all rotations in line with their UzhNU curriculum.
  • Applications for the SME international clinical rotations require:
    • Paperwork comprising the student’s CV and the rotation specifics (the location, department and duration of placement).
    • Official authorised approval of the application from the coordinating Professor of their UzhNU medicine programme.
  • Clinical rotations offers are limited due to the types and durations of spaces in each location therefore SME will process applications and offer places in order of submission.
  • International clinical experience is an invaluable opportunity for medicine students to learn in diverse settings, expand their technical knowledge, and connect with clinicians all over the world.
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+ What do the Medicine & Dentistry programmes cost?
Programmes Programme Starts Annual Fees ($)
Medicine October & March 3800
Dentistry October & March 3,500
Living Costs Monthly () Annually ()
Rent (Private Accommodation) 130260 1,5403,080
Food 160 1,540
Books 240
Electricity & Gas 30 240
Water 3 30
TV Cable/Internet 10 110
Public Transportation 9 90
Total 280390 3,1404,430
+Admission to Uzhhorod National University
Applicants must provide the following information:
  1. An application which includes the following details: bio, education history and course for which you are applying.
  2. A copy of your secondary education results with subjects studied.
  3. Documents from your home country confirming that you are authorised to study in Ukraine.
  4. Two small photos of 4-5cm.
All documents need to be translated into Ukrainian to satisfy state directives.
+What is the Graduate Entry Assessment Process?
  • SME facilitates the application and entry to Graduate Medicine and Dentistry Programmes in Ukraine for graduates with a Bachelor’s Degree in a science-related field with no entrance exams for successful applicants.
  • SME Assesses applications to the Graduate Programme with the following steps:
    1. Completion of the due diligence process on behalf of the medical university
    2. Comparison of the transcripts of the students from their past studies with the study programme of the medical university
    3. Submission of the comparison for approval to both the respective ministry of education and the medical university itself.
  • SME exclusively offers the 3-Year or 4-Year Graduate Entry Medicine Programme and 3-Year or 4-Year Graduate Entry Dentistry Programme on behalf of our European partner universities for students who meet the entry requirements.
+ Life in Uzhhorod
  • Uzhhorod is well-known for its extensive history as a city founded in the ninth century and as the most western regional city in Ukraine.
  • The city gains its name from the Uzh River that splits the city down the middle, creating distinctive ‘old’ and ‘new’ towns that create diverse culture in Uzhhorod.
  • Uzhhorod is a friendly, accessible city with lots of folk art and the family friendly Bozdos’kyi Park.
  • The city is suitable and pleasant for students with a range of affordable public transport including trams, buses, a Metro, plus regional and European trains
  • Uzhhorod has a pleasant climate perfect for university life and receives 1950 hours of sunshine per year
+ Life in Ukraine
  • Ukraine is the biggest country in Europe and is famous for its culture, architecture, and its beautiful and diverse landscape.
  • From mountains and dense forests to coastline, lakes and steppes, Ukraine offers a huge number of activities and fertile farmland with exceptional produce for the entire country.
  • The people of Ukraine are known for their hospitality and openness.
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