Varna Medical University entrance exam success

Varna Medical University entrance exam success

Study Medicine Europe is pleased to announce that this year’s entrance examination scheduled to take place between 10 AM and 1 PM earlier today (30/08/2013) at our offices in London for prospective medical and dentistry students of Varna Medical University, was carried out successfully.

The examination took place under the supervision of professors and teaching staff from Varna Medical University, including Professor Makedonski and Professor Ivanov, who invigilated the Biology and Physics tests themselves, and stayed on to congratulate those who did exceptionally well in the examination.

In turn, Study Medicine Europe would also like to personally congratulate everyone as we are delighted to announce that all students, many of whom arrived from distant parts of the UK exhausted, succeeded in this examination!

We wish you even more success in your future academic career and beyond in the years to come as medical professionals, since you are all now Medical or Dentistry students at Varna Medical University! Congratulations!

Once again, thank you for your trust and for reposing your faith in our services and staff, and good luck with your studies!

As is the case every year, one more success for our students, is another success for us!