Unveiling of our New Corporate Video

Unveiling of our New Corporate Video

SME has and will continue to strive to offer the best services and the best options to all students that want to study medicine, dentistry and veterinary abroad. With professionalism and drive for perfection we devoted time researching every aspect of improvement.

One of our main accomplishments for the study year that went by was to provide students, holding a BSc, the opportunity to become doctors in 4 years, which was in high demand. Hundreds of students applied and are either studying, ready to start their year or have secured a place to begin their studies in 2020.

SME’s services were increased to 41 and a very important post grad team was formed to assist our students when they graduate and return home, from registering with the medical council up until they are ready to secure their medical careers.

As all our new students prepare to re-locate and start their new study year, SME is also ready to share our new corporate video which was inspired by the drive of our applicants not allowing anything to stop them from following their dreams of becoming doctors.

To watch our corporate video, click HERE!!!