A student’s journey from school life to university life

A student’s journey from school life to university life

Over the years, more and more students from within and outside the UK embark the amazing journey towards studying Medicine in a European university. Bulgaria and Romania are becoming more and more popular academic destinations with thousands of students applying for a place in medical schools in these countries, with the hope that in a few years from now, they will launch a brilliant and promising career in the field of their dreams.

For many people, it looks like a long, challenging journey and even the thought of venturing such a step seems intimidating. A lot of students are put off by the prospect of studying far from home, among people from all over the globe and even those who decide to attempt such a move are often faced with disappointment, as they lack the guidance and assistance needed from the early stages of the application process.

There are just as many students, however, who have reached out to Study Medicine Europe to help them get closer to pursuing the career they have always dreamt of. With SME’s support these students were pointed out to the right direction and managed to secure a place in the university of their choice. From the day they applied to the day they registered at the university they were guided and informed every step of the way.

Today, these young men and women are well into their studies and enjoying their fascinating adventure as university students, learning new things and living new experiences day after day. One of our current students, Rizwaan, who is now studying Medicine in Plovdiv Medical University, started off just like that. Study Medicine Europe was on his side in this journey right from the very beginning and now, Rizwaan is sharing his own true success story with all the students who share the same ambition as him. Watch Rizwaan’s video and follow his footsteps to find out how he managed to go from school life to being a first year medical student in Plovdiv.

To watch Rizwaan’s video, click here.