SME Services Now Better than Ever

SME Services Now Better than Ever

As the SME family grows, we strive to find ways to make sure that all aspects of our students’ needs are covered. How is this done? By listening to their needs and acting upon them.

Part of our services is to monitor and evaluate the progress-toward-degree status of each student but, that is not enough. When you have a family, you don’t only want to know if your family member is doing okay academically. You want to know about their well being and comfort in their everyday life too. Therefore, SME has included a new bi-monthly follow up that will give us the communication with each and every student to be able to keep us on top of small everyday obstacles that might discomfort their academic studies. Also, to remind our students that they are not just a name on an application, but we care and we are here for them ready to listen and help in any way we can.

Another very import part of studying is after graduation support. At SME, we already have this support for our students but we felt it needed improving and more elaborating to make sure that each and every student will achieve their final goal of becoming a doctor. To accomplish this, we have added assistance to organize the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check, Occupational health and Indemnity Insurance, guidance with postgraduate training (such as ALS, ECG training, child handling, sepsis identification course, CXR interpretation, blood test results analysis, phlebotomy etc) that will help you to beat the competition and be invited for an interview, support to find temporary positions (locum) in UK or USA hospitals in order to get working references and many more.

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