Reminder: 2018 New Delhi Open Day

Reminder: 2018 New Delhi Open Day

Since time is nearing, SME would like to remind everyone of the upcoming Open Day in New Delhi.

Please join us on August 11th of 2018, and enlighten yourselves with all the useful information that will be given out, and of course information needed to guide you on your next steps to becoming a Medical Doctor.

The Open Day will take place at Shangri-La Hotel, 19 Ashoka Road, Janpath, Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110001.

SME will be there to greet you from 12:30 PM, and together spend the day till 5:00 PM. Presentations on medical, dental, and veterinary studies, kiosks of our partner universities, current students, and free information packages are just some of the bright spots of this Open Day.

As is the case in all of SME’s Open Days, there will be scholarships and prizes awarded to lucky students. All guests attending will have the chance to win one of the two scholarship prizes plus more!

Feel free to simply register here and become part of this Open Day.

Waiting to see you all there.