Become a Doctor in 4 Years

Become a Doctor in 4 Years

Your pathway to a Medical Doctor degree is now only just 4 years away for BSc degree graduates.

As part of our continuous effort to provide the best services, we are now pleased to announce the expansion of our collaboration with high caliber Universities offering shorter medical courses. So, 4 year medical programmes are now guaranteed!

Alternatively, for High School diploma graduates, make your ambitions a reality and graduate in 5 years with our 5 year accelerated medical program.

For SME, it is not only enough to simply encourage more people to study abroad. We also need to make sure that they can actually afford a World Class Medical Degree too. Tuition fees for the 4 Year courses are the most affordable in the market, starting from $437 per month.

Get in touch with us the soonest as the number of places for the 4 Year medical courses are very limited.