2020 Networking Events a Success

2020 Networking Events a Success

Over the past month, SME successfully hosted networking sessions for all our students who will be starting their new academic studies for 2020.

Students joined the networking sessions that were held after the students arrival into their new and exciting city. Activities included:
  • General information about their university
  • Hints & Tips about living in their new city
  • Networking with fellow students
  • Team Building Activities and Welcome Luncheon/Dinner
  • Group Photos

SME wants to ensure that all our students stay connected with us and with our representative support teams, whether it is our Country or City Managers abroad who can assist with any challenges students maybe facing or our Student Support representatives who can offer assistance and guidance as they have a wealth of knowledge about the university and the curriculum.

We also strongly encourage students to network with other SME students, we believe by having a strong network will benefit students to grow and have someone to lean on as well as maintaining their level of independence throughout their study years.

SME would like to thank all our students for attending the networking sessions and we always remind students that if they need any further information, they should reach out to our Relocation & Support Team who would be more than happy to assist.

To all our students starting their academic years, we wish you all the very best!