2019 New Vision University Student Testimonial Video

2019 New Vision University Student Testimonial Video

In the following video you will hear students’ testimonials on their experience with SME and what it is like to relocate and start your studies at the New Vision University in Georgia.

Did you know that most of the students who apply through SME are from friends who are already studying abroad? SME is renowned for their expertise and knowledge about studying at New Vision University and they are ready to welcome you onboard for this exciting experience.

In September 2019, all students arrived together in Georgia, where they were greeted by the country manager. Prior to leaving, students were given all the necessary information by our relocation department who made sure that every question was answered and all documents were in order for their big move. Once students were settled in their hotel rooms, they gathered and were presented with the week’s schedule. This included opening a bank account, getting a SIM card, finding accommodation and registering at the university and there was even time for a tour. After the presentation, students were assisted with filling out all necessary paperwork and during the week they were escorted to accomplish all tasks.

At the end of their very busy week, the SME team assured that each and every student was settled in and ready to start their studies. A “good luck in your new venture” dinner party was held in their honor.

The SME team wished all students the best of luck and reassured them that they would be by their side for their years of study. SME will continue their support once they have graduated and will assist in their transition back home, including registering with the UK or US Medical Council and preparation of their professional CVs.

To watch the video, click HERE.