2019 Caucasus International University Video Reviews

2019 Caucasus International University Video Reviews

The following video is testimonial from students that decided to follow their study dreams at Caucasus International University located in Tbilisi Georgia.

SME understands the importance of studying abroad and we are here to make that experience happen for you. Students from all parts of the world have applied through SME to study medicine or dentistry at Caucasus International University. Students were assisted and supported throughout their relocation process with all the necessary information required once they arrived in Tbilisi.

Upon arrival, all students were met by the country manager and escorted to their temporary accommodations. A briefing was held with all students, where they were informed of the agenda in the days to come. They were assisted with filling out all the necessary paperwork to be able to open a bank account, receive a new SIM card, assistance with getting their permanent residency and with registering at the university. Students were escorted and assisted in completing all necessary tasks, including the booking of private accommodations.

At the end of a very busy week, the SME team assured that each and every student was settled in and ready to start their studies. A dinner party in honour of our new group was held, so we can wish all students the best of luck in their new venture.

The best part of this experience was meeting new people and relocating to a new and exciting country, all whilst accomplishing their dreams and knowing that there is an SME team supporting each and every one all the way through this venture.

SME would like to wish all students every success with their studies and reassure them that we are by their side for their years of study. SME will continue their support once they have graduated and will assist with their transition back home, including registering with the UK or US Medical Council and preparation of their professional CVs.

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