2018 Trakia University Relocation

2018 Trakia University Relocation

Students from the UK, Ireland and around the world relocated to Stara Zagora Bulgaria to start their academic career at Trakia University.

They arrived at Sofia Airport on September 11th where they were greeted by the local SME team and taken by coach to the Hotel Vereya in Stara Zagora which had been reserved in their name. At the hotel, SME had booked a meeting room where the students gathered and were informed about the agenda for the following days. They were offered one of two SIM card packages exclusive to SME students. Real estate agents were also there to speak to each student individually to understand their needs and what they were looking for regarding accommodation. The following day, they were taken as a group for a tour of the campus and to register at the university. Most of the paperwork had already been completed by SME which made registration seamless. After registering, they were taken to a local bank to open an account and then on to see the apartments that the real estate agents had found for them.

The local support team accompanied all students to view apartments, negotiated the rent fee with landlords, translated the rental agreements in English, and explained to students how to pay their bills. Generally, full support was provided so that students could get in their new apartments straight away. The last step of the relocation process was to obtain a Bulgarian ID card and, so, students were chaperoned to the local authorities and guided through the process.

On Thursday, October 11th, a Networking Event was held to allow new students to meet with each other and with older students who gave them their insights on the university and the city.

SME would like to wish every student great success in their academic carriers and to ensure them that we will be there every step of the way.