18 Scholarships Offered at the 2019 SME’s Open Days

18 Scholarships Offered at the 2019 SME’s Open Days

Study Medicine Europe is proud to announce 18 TUITION FEE SCHOLARSHIPS at the upcoming 2019 Open Days!

As with every year, our 2019 Open Days will be held in numerous cities across the United Kingdom, Ireland, USA, Australia and India. Our experienced team will be there to greet and meet you and your families. Detailed information will be given out and interested students will be guided through their options to pursue a successful career in the fields of Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Medicine. We will also host current students and graduates from European Medical Schools who will give their insights of their experience and give out important information first hand.

Click on any of the upcoming events at the city of your choice and reserve a place for you and your friends today. ALL OPEN DAYS ARE FREE OF CHARGE!

Birmingham: 3rd of March 2019
Manchester: 28th of April 2019
London: 18th of August 2019

Dublin: 14th of April 2019

New York: 23rd of June 2019

Sydney: 19th of May 2019

New Delhi: 11th May 2019
New Delhi: 10th August 2019