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Is it Possible to Transfer to A Ukrainian University?

Ukrainian medical universities accept transfer students from accredited international universities. Ukraine is also a participant of the ECTS, SOCRATES and ERASMUS systems. The most commonly used system for assessing credits and transfers is the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS).

How to Transfer to a Ukrainian University

Candidates applying for placement in an advanced year of an academic programme follow the same process as first-year applicants. Transfer students are assessed individually by a committee or an admission board at the university, who will assess various factors pertaining to the applicant. The committee will match the student’s credits to the programme in Ukraine and then make a list of “difference” in subjects/credits that the student in question will have to complete in order to get at the same level as the Ukrainian programme.

What are the Requirements for a Transfer

Students are entitled to transfer from any accredited medical university to any Ukrainian medical university if they have completed at least one semester of a programme. Applicants should also submit their transcripts (which have to include the number of hours for each subject), along with the usual admission documents. Many graduates possessing undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in medicine-related fields such as nursing, biomedical sciences etc. may meet the prerequisites to enrol in higher years, such in the 3rd semester, if they have already covered preclinical subjects of the respective medical or dental studies they wish to follow.

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