Working While Studying – Can It Be Done?

Working While Studying – Can It Be Done?
Are you studying for a degree whilst working full time or studying full time and working part time? Learn some tips and tricks on how to get the balance right in our latest infographic guide.

These days an increasing number of students are choosing to self-fund their studies through side jobs. In fact, according to one study a whopping 78% of undergraduate students are working part time while studying full time and a further 25% work full-time while studying for their degrees.

It’s not just undergraduate students who are affected. To stand out in today’s fiercely competitive employment market, many professionals are opting to return to university for postgraduate degrees or through graduate entry programmes. This is because many organisations are bumping up education requirements for new hires. For example, 27% of employers are recruiting those who hold a master’s degree for positions that once only required a regular degree.

What Are the Benefits of Working While Studying?

There are several advantages to being a working student. The most obvious benefit is the fact that having a salary will ease the burden of tuition fees. What’s more, once you have graduated you will have the security of already having a job in place. The work experience gained throughout these years will also help you to stand out from other candidates when job hunting.

What Are the Challenges of Combining Work and Study?

Between chaotic schedules, ever-growing workloads and often conflicting demands; striking a successful work-school-life balance is not something that will come easy to most. What’s more, taking up extra commitments will give you less personal time to de-stress and re-energise. Another consideration is that your professional commitments may prevent you from getting fully involved in college life.

Working While Studying – Can It Be Done?

If you are thinking about combining work and full-time study, you may be interested in the below infographic, “Working & Studying Together – Can It Be Done?”.

Working & Studying Together – Can It Be Done